Cute as a button!

This little IKEA piece was dropped off for an update.  Although the green was a fun colour, the little girl is now 2 1/2.  The customer brought it in to have it painted beautiful. 

A laminate usually needs Ultra grip to increase adhesion. So after a light sand and a wash, I rolled a thin coat of Ultra Grip on.  Best practice is to let it dry overnight.

My next step was painting with Casement from Fusion Mineral Paint's Classic 18 collection. I normally would recommend using Concealer as a first coat to save paint if it was a bigger project. Concealer is a product to use when going from dark finish to light. It is made from left over pigment and is half the price of Fusion. What a great idea to save you money. Not only that, but did you know none of the left over all natural hand ground pigments go into the waste water during the manufacturing of Fusion Mineral Paint?

Your next coat would be your choice of colour in Fusion Mineral Paint (and third coat necessary). Whites can require 3 coats of paint, so Concealer can be a great product to have in your arsenal. The dresser was small so I decided I would just use the paint. It only took a 1/2 pint of the Casement. I also had to paint the interior and the big knobs.

 After it was dry, I waxed it to give a softer appearance and polished it silky smooth with a 600 grit sandpaper.

Anyways, I think it looks cute as a button.

 The little dresser. 

The little dresser. 


Casement is our most popular white. And chosen by the father for his little girl's dresser.


The before.  


I changed the knobs to stage the dresser but painted the big wood ones the customer is keeping. 


So there it is painted beautiful. I'm inspired to move on to my next project.  

Jenna and Janice are able to guide you through your use of Fusion Mineral Paint or we can paint it for you so you can love that piece again.  

 I think new knobs give it a quick and inexpensive update ! 

I think new knobs give it a quick and inexpensive update ! 

Fusion can be purchased at Fred & Bessie's 432 Hamilton Road London, Ontario  or shop on line